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Welcome To Astro Call Center
Published in Astro Help Center Written by  Super User 13 November 2011
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 Welcome To Astro Call Center
Astro Call Centre Dial *Free No. 8882444333
A unit of Astro Help Centre involved in Occult Science Telephonic Services Networking
INTRODUCTION: Astro Call Center a unit of Astro Help Centre is India's leading cross call connection with significant presence in IVR Telephonic Services Networking in languages Hindi and English with virtual number 8882444333. Astro Call Center service is provided by Astro Help Centre a Proprietorship Concern incorporated on 13th July 2008 and having office at 215, 2nd Floor, Vardhaman Fortune Mall, G.T. Karnal Road, (Opp. Mahendru Enclave), Delhi-110033, INDIA.
Astro Help Centre carries on the business cities in India (Service). The objective is to provide a quicker guide for up-to-date information in a user friendly manner and via a medium that the end user is comfortable with. The end users of the Service are persons who want to purchase goods / avail services and are seeking information about the Vendors (Occult Scientist) of such goods and services (User). Occult Scientist as an individual may subscribe to register on the service offered by Astro Help Centre.
Occult Scientist from various Occult Science can enroll understated category for which Extention Numbers are mentioned below:-
2.Tarot Card Reader
3.Vastu Shastri
5.Astro Healers
6.Astro Courses
7.Astro Products
For Registration Contact:
Amitabh Ubrol 9899965944
Rajni: 9650800366.
Extention number 0. is Voice Mail & 9. is Help Desk, which are for exclusive use of Astro Help Centre. Astro Help Centre currently disseminates information to the Vendors over these mediums, viz., Hoardings, Bus Media, Railway Media, Electronic Media, Press Media and on our Website, within India. Astro Help Centre at its discretion cease providing information over any of the above mediums, provide information over other Mediums or modify the manner in which information is provided from time to time. Astro Call Centre will Connect the Vendors to Users in the manner provided for in the terms & condition.

Registration Amount
Amount (INR)    Period (Month)
Rs 2,100/-    1
Rs 6,100/-    3
Rs12,100/-    6
Rs24,100/-    12

Payment: Cheque in the favour of Astro Help Centre. For Online payments go to web site, On the Home Page Click on the Pay Now Button and follow the Payment Gate Way to make the Payment.
Note: These rates are package rates, applicable on monthly package registration for a single category with single mobile/telephone number only. On monthly bases monthly charges will be applicable for single category with single mobile/telephone number only.

Promotions for Astro Call Centre will be through hoardings, bus media, railway media, Electronic Media (Television, Radio, E-Mails & SMS), Press Media (News Paper, Magazines, Brochure & Pamphlet) within Delhi NCR.
                                                                            Also on our website:

                                                                                               TERMS & CONDITION

1)These Terms of Service (Terms) set forth the terms and conditions under which the Occult Scientist (the person mentioned above) may be identified as a vendor to users and shall come into effect upon the Vendors signing and delivering these Terms to Astro Help Centre. These Terms shall be valid and effective for one month from the effective date identified on registration form and may be renewed by the Astro Help Centre by a written request of renewal with the fees as stipulated by Astro Help Centre. No renewal shall by effective unless the fees and charges determined in the manner provided for in these Terms is remitted by the Vendors.
2)The terms and manner in which information is disseminated to Vendors is set forth in Astro Help Centre. Astro Help Centre reserves the right to charge Vendors for the Service. In relation to the calls, Astro Call Centre will provide information about Vendors and other Vendors by providing a virtual number that the User may call a Vendor.
3)For Astro Help Centre providing information that is relevant to the Vendors is a priority. The Vendors has to identify the location and category in respect of which he is seeking information and Astro Call Centre will provide the information based on such choice. Amongst the vendors who fall within the parameters identified by the user, information about Vendors registered with Astro Help Centre (Occult Scientist) is first provided. The Occult Scientist is one such Vendor. Reference to Vendors in these Terms shall include a reference to Astro Help Centre. Nothing in these terms shall by deem to restrict or prevent Astro Help Centre form providing Vendors with information about other vendors or users.
4)Each Vendor has to register with Astro Help Centre signing these Terms and providing all information set forth on registration form. Astro Help Centre reserves the right to charge any monthly fee or a registration fee. At the time of registration, the Vendors have to deposit a minimum of a pre-determined amount (Deposit) to Astro Help Centre. The Deposit may be enhanced / reduced by Astro Help Centre from time to time by notice to the Vendors. Upon a notice of enhancement, Vendors shall deposit the additional amount required to be paid by it within fourteen days from the date receipt of the notice. The Deposit shall be an interest free deposit as set forth in these Terms.
a.As part of the registration process, the Vendors must identify the business category in which he/ she/ it wants to be listed (Category) by Astro Help Centre. A lead is generated when in relation to information and in relation to when makes a call to the virtual number provided in relation to the User on Astro Call Centre.
b.These rates are package rates, applicable on monthly package registration for a single category with single mobile/telephone number only. On monthly bases monthly charges will be applicable for single category with single mobile/telephone number only
c.Currently the Mediums available are Television, Radio, SMS and Internet.
d.Upon any Vendors seeking information relating to three or four users, who fall within the parameters identified by the Vendors in terms of Category and Contact is provided to the Vendor. Vendor understands that a list of user will be available to the Vendor on their demand.
5) Under this model each Vendors shall be free to determine the monthly fee payable by him to Astro Help Centre on base annual fee determined by Astro Help Centre. Separate fee shall be payable on respect of each Category. The Contract would be valid for period of 1 month or number of months chosen by the Vendors.
6) Astro Call Centre not guarantee that Leads will be generated by it for the Vendor or that any of such Leads will translate into business for the Vendor. Vendor understands that Astro Call Centre only obligation is to provide Leads in the manner provide for in these Terms upon user asking for Information.
7) Vendor agrees to make all payments due to Astro Help Centre in a timely and efficient manner and shall ensure that cheque issued does not bounce. Vendor shall not issue stop payment instructions in respect of such cheque. Astro Help Centre reserves the right to take action under the Negotiable instruments Act, 1881 in respect of bounced cheque or take any other action available in law. Vendor represents that
(i) it is a bona fide business organization carrying on business in relation to the items disclosed to Astro Help Centre
(ii) it has the rights to use the trademarks it claims to have rights to use,
(iii) the business carried on by Vendor does not violate or infringe upon any law or regulation and all registrations required for carrying on business have been procured by it, and
(iv) all information provided to Astro Help Centre is and shall at all times by accurate and complete.
8) To the fullest extent permitted by law Astro Help Centre disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation for non-infringement, merchantability, satisfactory quality and fitness for purpose. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Astro Help Centre disclaims all guarantees regarding accurate positioning of the Vendor in relation to the priority of the placement. Vendor understands that there may be errors in the same. Neither party will be liable for any consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, or punitive damages (including without limitation loss of profits, revenue, interest, goodwill) whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or any other legal theory, even if advised of the possibility of such damages and notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose or of any other remedy. Each part aggregate liability to the other is limited to amounts paid or payable to Astro Help Centre by Vendor for the preceding twelve months from the date of claim.
a. Termination of the relationship shall also not prevent Astro Help Centre from listing the Vendor to disseminating information to users.
b. Upon termination of this Agreement, either by efflux of time or by determination under this Clause 14, the Deposit placed by the Vendor shall be retained by Astro Help Centre towards the services rendered to the Vendor. Under no circumstances, Vendor shall be entitled to claim a refund of amount paid to Astro Help Centre.
c. If there is a disagreement over any new policy introduced by Astro Help Centre.
9) Notices shall be sent by email or facsimile to the facsimile number / email addressed notified by Astro Help Centre to Vendor from time to time and shall be followed notice by registered post / reputed courier.
10) Astro Help Centre reserves the right to change these Terms or policies relating to the Service at any time. Changes to these Terms shall come into effect upon notice to Vendor.
11) Astro Help Centre shall charge the Vendor for all the taxes and charges (now in force or enacted in future that are imposed on the said services and listing fees (including bids) rising out of Vendor relationship with Astro Help Centre and Vendor hereby agrees that they shall pay the said taxes and charges promptly without raising any objections. Vendor also agrees that if the said taxes and charges are not charged by Astro Help Centre the same shall be paid by the advertiser without raising any objection.
12) Astro Help Centre opinion on all issues pertaining to the interpretation of these Terms shall be final and binding on Vendor. a) The relationship between Astro Call Centre and Vendor is governed by the laws of India and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Delhi / NCR.b) Astro Call Centre shall not be responsible for any delay or deficiency due to any force majeure events such natural disasters, acts of terrorism, civil labor strife, labor and transportation strikes.
13) All disputers, differences and /or claims arising out of this Terms of Service shall be settled by Arbitration in accordance with the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 or any statutory amendment thereof. The Dispute shall be referred to the sole Arbitrator namely Ms. Rajni who shall be sole arbitrator for adjujdication of disputes between both the parties herein. The Vendor shall not challenge the nomination of Arbitrator or his award on the ground that nomination is made by Authorized person / Proprietor of Astro Help Centre. The Arbitration proceedings shall be held at Delhi and the arbitration shall be conducted in English Language. The award of the Arbitration shall be final and binding on the Vendor and Astro Help Centre.
14) That the Vendor/Occult Scientist shall be fully responsible while dealing with the Users and there shall be no responsibility of any kind of Astro Health Centre. In case if any disputes arises between the Vendor/Occult Scientist and the Users in that events Vendor/Occult Scientist himself/herself shall be responsible therefor.
15) That in case if, due to any misrepresentation or misdeeds of Vendor/Occult Scientist, the Astro Help Centre suffers any losses either monetary or of any kind in that event the Vendor/Occult Scientist indemnify the Astro Help Centre against the said losses.
16) There would be no responsibility of any kind of Astro Help Centre after forwarding of Telephone Calls of the Users to the Vendor/Occult Scientist and moreover the Astro Help Centre shall neither make any interference between the inter-se dealings nor shall be responsible therefor. If in case any disputes arises between the User and Vendor/Occult Scientist with regard to rendering of services, in that event there shall be no responsibility of any kind of Astro Help Centre.






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