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Numerology is the study of the hidden meanings of numbers and their influence on human life and has been used for over 10,000 years to accurately reveal the secrets of love, wealth, success and happiness that lie hidden in your inner-self. Starting from your name and birthday, as a code, numerology helps you to understand who you really are, why you are here, and lesson you can learn. By following the patterns of monthly and yearly cycles of growth, numerology helps you further to plan your future and to take more active role in your life.

As related to individuals these each vibrate to certain numbers according to their name, their birth date then when these appear, they become either as strengths or as losses or as helps or as change but they are rather as the signs, or the omens; and may be given as warnings in any manner that they may be constructive in the experience of the individual.

Numerology works with the sum of the numbers in your birth date and the numerological equivalents of the letters in your name. Because we are all familiar with numbers from school, many people find Numerology to be the most accessible of the authentic divination categories. In truth, number symbols and mathematical principles underlie many other forms of divination, including Tarot, I-Ching and Astrology. For these and other reasons, Numerology is a great place to start or expand your self-exploration! The moment of your birth influences your identity throughout your life, as does the name your parents gave you and the name that you now use. The combination of these three is the basis for analysis in Numerology.

So in this way Numerology is an easy way to find out what makes you unique, what your destiny holds for you, how you get along with others and what to expect in the future.

Numerology is a very close belief, or systematic practice, or traditions, or esoteric acquaintance amidst numbers and living things or physical entity. Numerology is an art that is quite familiar and exist for about 10,000 years.

Numerology professionals will never make research to predict your mental events, but they describe and disclose the enshrouded truths and beliefs of yourself.

Numerology is merely similar to a numerical assessment of an individual. Most cases, the numbers of your names will really set wells, while the time of nascence. In some cases, there might occur a change over, particularly for girls getting their wedlock and changes their name.

While considering the numerological divination and numerology were greatly familiar amidst the early mathematicians like Pythagoras. But, this numerological method of practice was no more conceived as a component of mathematics and most recent scientist described them as pseudo mathematics. This method of description is quite similar comparing the growth of chemistry out of alchemy and astronomy from astrology. These days, numerology is referred and connected with mystical occult, beside astrology and other divinatory artworks.

The principle theme of numerology is merely simple. Every letter of the english alphabet holds its own numeral. Every single letter coining your name, where you dwell, where your schooling was, and several other actions involved in your everyday life, will be in-closed together. Calculating the number name of the individual, the behavior and attitude of person will be measured. Basically, numerology is a simplest method of making choices of what is good and what is bad about life and wellbeing. Numerology will help to understand the cause of situation that you have experienced.

Numerology is a method of foretelling your future actions and it is a perfect guide and empowers to lead your life in a better lighting way. The basic ascendant of numerology is tracked and practiced more by the Egypt and Babylonia. With the latest advancement, numerology is gaining its own reputation and recognition. In the recent years, improved level of research and publication depending close with advertising revivification of numerology involvement is coming about.

You all might have a query that, how numerology actually works?

Here is the exact answer for your query?

All things in the world resonate with its unique exact frequency. If you clearly get to know the vibration ratio of any particular object, it is merely simple to demonstrate the quality and the level of energy that is consorted with. Implementing the same concept here in numerology, it works with the basic measuring of your name and date of birth.

This measuring will greatly help the numerology person to ascertain the frequency and wavelength of several different individuals. A right and perfect numerological research and analysis on manipulating the frequency rate will dearly assist in providing information about an individual's character, behavior and personality.

The principle operation, which is implemented in numerology is that, all the numerals will be decreased through easy addition. For instance, consider the numeral 1985 this number will be reduced with the method of adding 1+ 9 + 8 + 5 and gives 23. Further 23 will be reduced by summing up as 2 + 3 to give 5. This method of practice is known as Numerology.

The future of a person life is written in his name and his date of birth. A human being in particular lifetime, called the incarnation, is only a finite projection of his infinite self in the cosmos. He comes to learn a particular lesson. When all the lessons are learnt and perfection is achieved, there is no further rebirth.
So, we are granted with name and date of birth according to our karmas. We can change our date of birth but we can definitely change our name or its spelling. By doing this we remove our blocks, negative karmas and change our destiny which is holding us back and can lead a good life.

Basic Numerology


* Introduction to Numerology
* Finding out first alphabet, first vowel
* Ruling number
* Heart number
* Personality number
* Destiny
* Karmic numbers
* Detailed explanation on above given numbers

Fee: 10,000/-
Course Duration: 3 days
Notes : Provide By Institute

Advance Numerology


Our Numerology (Advance) course includes several aspects related to numbers that create positive and negative effects on people. There are many numbers such as talent number, ultimate number, emotional number, and intuitive number that make an impact on their owners. Our course will let the student get a detailed study on different number relates aspects that can completely change your life. Following are the contents included in Numerology

(Advance) course:


* Talent number
* Ultimate number
* Intensity
* Physical level / temperament
* Emotional number
* Mental number
* Intuitive number
* Birth force
* Challenges and Pinnacles
* Habit number
* Subconscious level
* Personal year
* Event number
* Match making
* Knowing how to make changes in an individual name, firm name, address, telephone numbers, car numbers.

Fee : 15,000/-
Course Duration: 7 days
Notes : Provide By Institute






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